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Thrustmaster 已於全球上調產品售價,仍有庫存的產品則以舊價銷售至最後一件為止,請把握時間選購 | Thrustmaster has globally increased their product price. In-stock items will be sold at previous price while stock last, take your time to purchase
產品配送時間將稍為延長,請預留時間選購 Products dispatch process will be slightly lengthened, take you time to purchase

預購及選購說明 Pre-order and order guide


Our fully automated smart system brings you a relax purchasing experience by offering self-service and cashless transactions which is current trending in worldwide to support our non-profit aviation education work

ℹ️ 選購前請留意《配送安排》,同埋揀番啱自己嘅配送或自取方式,避免產品延誤交付 

當產品準備好嘅時候,系統亦會有全自動通知;由於系統係自助方式運作,顧客毋須時刻查詢交付進度,留意番 e-mail inbox 或 sms 通知即可


Note the delivery arrangements then choose the right delivery or self-picking up method before making purchases to avoid delays

An automated notification will be sent when the product is ready. Since the system is operating in self-service method, you don't need to enquire the delivery progress from time to time. Just keep an eye on your e-mail or sms inbox 

我地有時都會提供預購產品,俾大家快人一步獲得購買權,當產品抵港後可以即時領取,等候期間售價不變 💨


Sometimes we will offer you pre-order products for reserving purchasing rights with price unchanged then collect your product immediately after their arrival  💨 

Products will immediately become pre-order when they sold out, don't miss your chance for bring them home again. You will also see relevant reminders for products which will soon arrive Hong Kong again 

⚠️ 請注意:




 ⚠️ Note : 

Estimated arrival dates of pre-order products could be affected by the

production progress with no guarantee on the delivery date, careful considerations

should be made before payment especially for computer upgrade products

which is currently affected by chips supply problem in the globe.

Their ETA is subject to change at anytime


系統都會喺一啲受歡迎嘅產品頁面,顯示產品嘅在庫存量,記住把握時間啦 👋


We will also let you know some popular products may about to be sold, take you time to purchase

Items remaining are updated instantly. Minus numbers means how many customers reserved their purchasing rights through pre-order period. A longer waiting time might be expected if you see many customers are in the queue

如果情況所需,或者大家的確好心急而需要退款嘅話,我地都會照一貫嘅退款政策盡快處理,透明清晰 😉

If you find the situation necessary or customers are feeling a bit hurry and would like to refund, we will handle these request through the standing refund policy which is clear and simple