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Thrustmaster 產品的配送進度將稍為延,請預留時間選購 ⏳ | Dispatch time for Thrustmaster products is delayed, please allow more time before purchase ⏳

在英飛行學習 Flight trainings in Britain

我地嘅航空課程、航空康樂活動都按英國民航局(Civil Aviation Authority)執照要求而設計,培養同學業餘航空興趣,並於最短時間完成考核獲得各種私人飛機執照



LAPL - Light Aircraft Pilot License

最低飛行時數為 30 小時

可操作最大起飛重量 2000 Kg 或以下嘅小型飛機,

例如 Cessna C182 或 Piper PA28 等


於 Pilot-in-command 時數達 10 小時後,







Lowest flying hours requirement is 30 hours


Permitted to operate small aircraft

less than 2000 Kg like Cessna C182

or Piper PA28

You can carry 3 passengers in maximum

when pilot-in-command hours has reached 10

with not more than 4 people carried on the plane at once


The license is applicable for

UK and EU countries

but it is outside ICAO's licensing system


Additional ratings:

📝 晚間飛行

📝 特技飛行


📝 Night Rating

📝 Aerobatic Flyings

PPL - Private Pilot License

最低飛行時數為 45 小時,

當中 10 小時為獨自飛行,

而這次獨自飛行要包括 5 小時

兩地需相距達 150 海浬的城際飛行


可操作最大起飛重量 5750 Kg 或以下嘅飛機

能接載 19 名乘客


Lowest flying hours requirement is

45 hours with 10 hours of solo flying included,

5 hours of which are cross country flights

with their origin and destination 150nm


Permitted to operate aircraft less than 5750 Kg

You can carry 19 passengers


Additional ratings:

📝 晚間飛行

📝 特技飛行

📝 儀器飛行

📝 操作多引擎飛機

📝 Night Rating

📝 Aerobatic Flyings

📝 Instrument Rating

📝 Mutli-engine aircraft


Our syllabus is written according to UK CAA PPL (A) and IR(R) requirements and equip you to gain your private pilot licence at minimum cost 

We are currently collaborated with different flying schools in Britain with their quality guaranteed and let our participants to finish flying examinations after simulator trainings

What you can see above are non-recreational license for private piloting in the UK plus EU countries


Earls Colne


位於英格蘭東南部嘅 Colchester,



承辦飛行學校為 Anglian Flight Centre

以 Robin HR200 及 Cessna C172 作實機訓練


每小時收費為 140 至 179 英鎊不等


建議住宿為 The Essex Golf & Country Club

步行至機場需時 10 分鐘

Sandtoft Airfield


位於英格蘭北部嘅 Doncaster 及 Sheffield,



承辦飛行學校為 Yorkshire Aero Club 

以 Cessna 152 及 172 作實機訓練


每小時收費為 177 至 212 英鎊不等


建議住宿為 The Reindeer Inn

步行至機場需時 23 分鐘

Damyns Hall Airfield




承辦飛行學校為 London Airsports Centre,

以 Pipistrel Velis Electro 電力飛機作實機訓練


每小時收費為 175 至 250 英鎊不等


建議住宿為 Premier Inn Thurrock West

步行及倫敦巴士車程共 60 分鐘到機場

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