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Thrustmaster 已於全球上調產品售價,仍有庫存的產品則以舊價銷售至最後一件為止,請把握時間選購 | Thrustmaster has globally increased their product price. In-stock items will be sold at previous price while stock last, take your time to purchase
產品配送時間將稍為延長,請預留時間選購 Products dispatch process will be slightly lengthened, take you time to purchase

Thrustmaster 其他產品|Other thrustmaster products

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有其他 Thrustmaster 產品啱嘅話,都可以喺 careaviationhk 道買佢地番屋企,支持本地模擬飛行社群嘅可持續發展 📦

Bring other Thrustmaster products to you home at to support the sustainable development of local flight simulator community 📦


Cashless and no transaction fee required

多方式自取 / 配送到門前

Multi pick-up options or doorstep deliveries


Income goes to non-profit aviation education work


Self-service system for fee and purchase